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Growing Weed Start to Finish Beginners Guide

What is up guys from mo420.ca here and in this article I’ll be showing you my CBD cream and cheese grow from start to finish I’ll cover every aspect of this grow from germination feeding training harvesting curing and finally we’ll see what this grow weight up as a whole this will be my first start to finish grow guide that all takes place in a single episode so I hope you guys enjoy this ….for this grow I decided to grow CBD cream and cheese I’ve heard great things about this strain and it’s said to have a one-to-one ratio of CBD and THC the first thing I need to do is germinate my seeds there are a few different ways you can do this however I prefer the paper towel method first I place my seeds in a glass of water for eighteen to twenty-four hours making sure to keep the jar in a dark and warm space after eighteen hours my seeds have sunk to the bottom of the jar which indicates they are ready to roll next I grab some paper towels and pour out the seeds it’s important to not drown the seeds in water but just moisten the towels evenly I’ll be checking the paper towels every four to eight hours to ensure it stays nice and moist you don’t want this to dry out similar to the first step I’m keeping the seeds in a dark and warm space while they finish germinating after two days my seeds of all sprouted tap roots and I know they’re ready to plant when the tap roots are approximately three quarters to an inch long I first grabbed a few starter pots filled with my medium of choice which is coco coir mixed with some perlite in a 70 to 30 ratio using my finger I create a small hole and I place in the seeds tap roots down I gently cover the seeds with a small bit of cocoa and moisten the medium with some water that’s been pH 26.1 young cannabis plants love high humidity so I’m putting these seeds into a tent which is equipped with a humidifier for early veggie in for 70% rh if you don’t have a humidifier you can always take a plastic cup or a bottle and place it over the seed to keep the humidity up a few days later both my plants sprouted up from the medium now I won’t be feeding any nutrients for the first week of life at a young age cannabis plants can burn easily with excessive nutrients and you’d be surprised how well they’ll do with nothing added even in a medium such as coco coir as the plants get bigger I’ll need to start feeding them for this grow I went with general hydroponics floor at Rio with the addition of cow mat I’ll have these newts and every product that I use linked in the article’s description [Music] when the plants are seven days old all feedom two milliliters of cal-mag one milliliter of micro one milliliter of grow and point five milliliters of bloom between weeks two and four I’m gonna be feeding two milliliters of cal-mag 2.5 milliliters of micro 2.5 milliliters of grow and one milliliter of bloom for weeks five through six during the transition I feed two milliliters of cal-mag two milliliters of micro when milliliter of grow and two milliliters of bloom during early-to-mid flower I feed two milliliters of cal-mag two milliliters of micro 0.5 milliliters of grow and two milliliters of bloom and in late flower I’ll feed only two milliliters of micro and four milliliters of bloom for the last two weeks of flower I’ll flush my medium and just use pH balanced water it’s important to note that all of these amounts are per gallon of water used it’s also important to break up the feeds from time to time with a plain watering to make it easy you can feed every other watering to reduce the salt build-up that is known with synthetic nutrients like the flora trio pH is also really important to for Coco anywhere between five point five to six point five is okay with five point seven to six point one being optimal for soil it’s a little bit different with the range being between 6.0 and 6.8 you should pH your feed slightly different each time as the plants will uptake certain nutrients at different pH levels [Music] the plants are now two weeks old and they’re finally ready to get transplanted into their final pots I’m using five-gallon hauls for these two while the plants are still young I’m watering once every two to three days when the medium starts to dry out coco coir is technically a hydroponic medium so it’s hard to overwater but it is still easy to overfeed one of the benefits to using coco is the ease of flushing when a toxicity or lockout does occur I’ll be letting these girls be for the next week while they get adjusted to their new home in bounce back from the transplant shock so far they’re looking great and loving life [Music] it’s now week three and I can finally start training these two my favorite method is low stress training which exposes lower growth sites and in turn creates more tops on your plant without stunning in this is also a very effective way maintaining a nice and even canopy training is easy but does take some time in a whole lot of patience to start I drill a hole at the side of my plot and I bend over the main stem and secure it down with some wire tie as the plants get bigger I’ll be bending this main stalk in a circular shape around the pot while pulling down the new shoots trying to keep everything as even as possible you’ll be surprised at how fast the plants can blow up even after a week these two have exploded with new growth and are now creating multiple tops which will eventually become colas later on in Flour every two to three days when watering I’m spending some time with these two working on their canopy I haven’t yet to foliated anything just simply moving branches and trying to build a good base for my plant before I send it into flower [Music] at week six I’m happy with how my plants are looking and now it’s time to get flour underway now photo periods need a light schedule change in order to induce flowering specifically twelve hours of light and 12 hours of darkness I’ll be using a plug timer that is scheduled to come on at 9 a.m. and shut off at 9 p.m. now when you set your lights on and off times is up to you if you’re struggling with heat issues I’d suggest running your lights during the nighttime when the temps are lower I’m also dropping down my light as cannabis plants require more intensity during flower Mars hydro recommends hanging the SP 250 at 24 inches above the canopy for early bloom [Music] within a week I’ve started to notice pistols popping from their nodes which is a clear indication that these two are indeed female plants now that they’ve transitioned I’ll be removing the humidifier and adding in a dehumidifier for flower I want 50% and under while in the first week of flower I’ll be applying another training method which is called loli popping loli popping is the process of removing the lower branches and leaves which in turn forces the plant to put its energy into its upper growth this is a pretty important step as the lower growth will most likely produce small lower few buds that don’t tend to ripen up by the time the plan is ready to harvest not only a week later bud sites are popping up and trichomes are being produced on their sugar leaves I’m a big fan of this drain so far it’s very resilient to nutrients easy to grow and so far as stacking very nicely the work put into these two and veg is really starting to show as the canopy fills with nice sized colas throughout during week six of flower I begin the flushing process now flushing is something everyone tends to debate but in my opinion when using synthetic nutrients it is a must flushing is super simple to do in the last two weeks a flower just feed nothing but pH balance water no more nutrients this will break up the nutrients in the medium and it will allow the plant to eat what it already stored inside of its leaves during this time you’ll see fan leaves start to fade out and turn yellow this is a hundred percent normal and a sign of a successful flush now these plants bulked up quite a bit I debated installing a scrog met earlier in flower but decided against it but now I have branches flopping over because they’re not strong enough to support the weight of the buds to fix this issue I use some hemp twine and tied up each Cola to a single line that’s running across the length of my tent at week Aiden flower it was time to start checking the trichomes now previously I used a jeweler’s loupe but this time around I bought a cheap USB microscope now what this does is it allows me to see the trichomes close-up don’t harvest based on pistol color harvest based on trichome color when the trichomes are all milky the plan is at its most potent state 48 CA and when they begin to amber CBD a levels begin to increase I personally like a blend of 70% milky and 30% amber for anything indica or CBD related I’m also making sure to check the tops and bottoms of my plants sure enough the plants are ready to harvest during their eighth week and flower to begin my harvest I first dropped the plan as a whole at its base using a pair of garden loppers I snipped the main stem where it meets the medium once cut I release the lines attached to my colas and then I hung the plants upside down I’m using my small 6 inch fan to push air around my tent making sure it’s not directly blowing onto the buds themselves the golden rule of drying is to do it slowly I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to who vroo ‘end their buds by drying too fast I actually add a humidifier into my lung room to maintain 55 percent RH throughout the entire process even for plants of this size which aren’t that big they took 12 days to dry I knew they were done when I could take a branch and bend it between my fingers listening for a snapping sound without it breaking clean off once dried up I cut the plants down and place them into a plastic tote [Music] normally I like a very clean and tight trim job on my buds but this time around I wasn’t as focused on getting them to look perfect because of what I plan to do with most of this bud you guys will find this out of my next article anyways to start the trimming process I first remove the fan Leafs by hand the fact that everything is dried out makes this very easy to do next I use a pair of garden trimmers to remove the standing fan leaves that don’t have trichomes on them your scissors will most likely gunk up after a while some people save this resin to make scissor hash I personally just use denatured alcohol to clean my shears now that all the blood is trimmed it’s time to jar it all up and begin the curing process I’m making sure to lightly pack each jar full up to the top I’m also adding a humidity and ten to each jar so I can have a better idea of what the environment is as cannabis cures cORFO breaks down and gases are released if you do not vent these gases and moisture your buds can either become moldy or will have some funky smells for the first week I’ll burp 1 to 2 times per day opening the jar for around 15 minutes at a time for the following 30 days I’ll open it up once per week and again burping for 15 minutes after that they’re good to go and all out in a pervy 262 pack for long-term storage cannabis can be stored for a very long time as long as the environment is right make sure to keep them in a cool environment shaded from any light if you notice your jars start to get an earthy hay smell it means your buds need more dry time remove them for an hour or so while they dry further and then put them back into the jars and that’s it that’s my CBD cream and cheese grow from start to finish these two ended up weighing up at two hundred and thirty seven point six grams combined not including any lar four trim we managed to pull one gram per watt with this grow using the Mars SP 250 overall I’d say it’s a great budget-friendly LED that can take a grow from start to finish I’d say its strengths were shown in veg with its weaknesses showing in flower its a white light spectrum with more of a focus on the blues which plants really seem to love and veg however it’s slightly lacking on the Reds which plants tend to like when bulking up those buds the nuts themselves have a beautiful dark green hue with orange-tawny sand dense fairly frosty and smell absolutely amazing I’m in love with this strain and enjoyed this grow completely from start to finish CBD cream and cheese is very resilient easy to grow and shows a lot of potential with buds structure and the way it stacks this is definitely a strain that I’d grow again if you guys enjoyed this article

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